We’re launching a tech trend countdown as we review the top 7 most influential tech trends affecting our economy today.  From PropTech to AgriTech, industries are transforming themselves, almost overnight. Being driven by changing consumer needs, market pressures, and the need to stand out from the crowd, industries are becoming agile, flexible marketspaces where the organisations within them are being carried along.

Some will swim to where they want to go, some will simply float according to where the rapids takes them, and others… well, they simply become fodder for the bottom-of-the-water feeders like catfish, sturgeons and carp.


The perfect blend

No longer is technological innovation restricted to the silicone valleys of our world. Technology (and innovation) has brazenly taken the step over the invisible border and firmly aligned itself with industries like Travel, Food, Healthcare – in fact, in some cases, entire businesses, like the Urban Vine Co and Wakati, are being created within this new blended marketplace to specifically serve a new, evolved marketplace, whether it be through urban farming (the practice of cultivating, processing and distributing food in or around a central location- and usually within warehouses and territories not traditionally synonymous with agriculture) or standalone food preservation without the need for cooling.  It’s new, and it’s a thing – and it’s taking our economy by storm.


Aimed to be Disruptive

We live in an economy where disruption is the new normal. We have become used to the word start-up, and we’ve become used to seeing new and interesting businesses, doing unusually cool things, spring up overnight. The traditional, the Xerox, the Borders Books, the Blackberry and the MySpaces of my time – that we thought to be revolutionary and of their time, sadly faded into the equivalent of the Hollywood C-list as visionaries like Apple, Google, Canon, Amazon and Facebook waved as they sprinted beyond. But even as these huge organisations continue to monopolise the market today, it would be foolish to ignore a new cultural attitude developing towards innovation. The new kids on the block are ready to be dynamic, and turn your perfect world of corporate strategy and operational structure upside down as they develop their own offering completely structured around a more demanding customer base. And they have one thing on their side that perhaps you don’t: technology. They use what they have – and they build around what they have. And what they have, is the future.


The Countdown

Follow this countdown as we take you on a journey through technological innovation.   (As our countdown progresses, so will this list be updated with links to our latest list of Top 10s. So be sure to check back regularly for any updates!)

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#4: Top 10 innovative HealthTech companies changing their industry today.

#3: Top 10 innovative AgriTech companies changing their industry today.

#2: Top 10 innovative BioTech companies changing their industry today.

#1: Top 7 innovative CleanTech companies changing their industry today.


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