The future of work is here. Our workforce is changing in front of our eyes, and as we digitise and fine-tune internal process to help us work smarter, quicker, simpler, larger organisations are very quickly falling behind when it comes to developing a thriving, productive workforce that underpins long-term business sustainability. 

The future of work is thriving on a more agile, startup, entrepreneurial mentality. We are far more open to starting our own business than finding a job, and the trends of company loyalty and employment terms are averaging 2-3 years, as opposed to the historical work-until-you-retire scheme. We are surprised by those who have been employed at a single organisation for longer than 10 years and we are reminded, daily, of the ‘and if they can do it, so can I’ mentality.

And this is something that is a real concern for larger organisations who are battling to find the best available talent that is wedded to a single organisation for the long-term. Which is exactly why a connected workforce, freelancing, independent consulting, the so-called “gig economy”, is becoming the new normal.

So how does Corporate Venturing and Talent become a single discussion topic?

Simple – where most corporate venturing initiatives are sustained by the need to innovate, adapt and prepare for new markets, the organisations who are investing, are facing some serious operational challenges internally – effective workforce management.  Not only that, they’re increasing their portfolio of businesses within their group, and with that comes culture adaptability and new operational streamlining.  Along with their investments comes the responsibility to help govern, and so it’s no surprise that  venture capitalists actively start to participate in attracting, identifying, and suggesting managers for their portfolio companies through internal and external human resource networks.

New trends are springing up as corporate involvement in deals to grow HR tech, with Salesforce Ventures and Google Ventures leading the pack in investments. Change is afoot, and corporate venturing is taking notice of that.

And where the battle for the best talent comes into play, corporate venture groups have an advantage in that they can feasibly appoint from a variety of sources – from the corporate, from the investment community, from the entrepreneurial world. But not without it’s challenges, bringing an investment portfolio together that retains its individuality, but also complies to a central vision, is probably one of the biggest efforts any corporate venture investor may face.

That’s where we come in.

CFPro Ventures act as your scout, and incubator, getting your investment ready for growth, and inducted into a greater group of partners who are there to support and grow, mentor and strategise. We have grown businesses from the ground up, and we have turned distressed businesses around, we have adapted company cultures into performing, thriving work communities and understand the importance of being part of a bigger picture, but not losing your individual USP.

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