What do Disney, Virgin Atlantic, Bank of America and Starbucks have in common? They have all developed their customer experience into some of the world’s best omni-channel experiences to date. 

But they certainly have not always been known for their omni-present, all-round, fluid customer experiences. Before the global Disney brand that we know and have grown up with, today – there was a man who had a dream. He’d grown up poor. He’d mortgaged his house to be able to pay for his first feature film. His first studio went bankrupt. But he knew what made people happy – and he knew how to get there – probably why today, half a century after Disney’s death, Walt Disney World is still the most-visited vacation destination resort anywhere. 

Step across to today. Should you be lucky enough to book a holiday to Disney World in the US, your journey, from start to finish, would be a completely unique-to-you experience. 

“In the controlled environment of Disney World, everything is catered for from the moment you book: the pre-experience engagement, your arrival and first contact at the airport, check in at your hotel and of course your experience in the actual Parks. It’s likely they have some incredible customer experience mapping.”


Before the trip, using your My Disney Experience tool means you can pre-plan your visit – and when you arrive, the Magic Band wristband means that your pre-plan becomes realised – it becomes your room key, allows you to add purchases, access rides and experiences, and even store photos you’ve taken with your favourite character – all to a central system bespoke to you, and your experience with Disney.

And in today’s tech dominated world, if you’re not considering reinventing your channel while you innovate in other areas of your business, you will quickly be left behind – watching your customers move on to suppliers that make it easier and more efficient to purchase.  You’re selling a result, an outcome. It’s simply not enough to just make stuff. Your customers are looking for experience – and, hopefully, long-term result.

And if you’re an SME, the chances are likely that you simply don’t have the time or capacity or resource to innovate within their channels.  All the more reason why you need to consider opportunities that may be lying hidden in your channel that, through innovation or the simplest re-thinking, may yield results you’ve yet to tap into.

Saturated markets and innovated service delivery means that you’re up against some of the industry’s finest. The chances are huge that your customer may know more about what you’re trying to sell them, than your sales team does. That’s why selling a result, an experience, becomes your secret weapon. 

You may not need, or even want, an omni-channel experience like Disney’s. But what you do want is a channel that delivers more than just product, to your customer. You want a channel that sells itself, that works efficiently, that leads to long-term business and importantly – allows you to remain agile and flexible to market trends and demands. 

And that starts with being willing to innovate and change.

If you need help to identify areas within your business that could do with a shake-up, then speak to us today – and let’s get you growing, exponentially!