We are growth specialists. Which means, we, together with our network of highly-experienced individuals, specialise in helping business grow.

And although you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that the biggest driver of growth was funding from outside, there is a lot more that businesses are doing to influence their own growth – quite often, without a capital boost from an investor or a corporate venture – but rather, through making some critical changes internally.

So, including investment, here are a selection of the ways that we help businesses grow.

Growth through: Assessing how ready you are

A huge part of growing is assessing whether you’re ready for it. Failure to plan is, wait for it… planning to fail. And the lack of sufficient planning (of which assessing whether you’re actually ready for growth in the first place) results in more damage than good.

For you as a high-growth business, you’ve endured the startup phase, and people are starting to take note of who you are and what you’re doing. You have a regular stream of revenue established, and things seem rosie. However, before you get too excited about where you’re headed, there are some critical areas around your business infrastructure that need to be reviewed before you launch yourself into the next growth galaxy.

Whether your growth revolves around diversifying your business, partnerships like joint ventures and mergers / acquisitions or whether you need to assess operationally whether you’re ready, we can help.

We can help to assess:

  • your customer base
  • your capacity for growth
  • your operational strength to carry on business of today, and grow tomorrow
  • your ability to cope with disruption caused by growth
  • your need for new skill / talent
  • your understanding as to whether the timing is right for growth
  • your operational infrastructure that will be required to support your growth
  • your opportunity to diversify


Growth through: Developing a business plan to guide your growth

Developing a growth plan is not just something that seems like a good idea. You’ve probably got a great business plan in place already – but when was the last time that you reviewed your initial plans? How often have you tested that plan against new market challenges and expectations? How much input / feedback have you had on your plan? The purposes of a good growth plan is to define business goals for the future and to determine the steps, activities and resources needed to achieve them. A solid growth plan helps you to set an ambition for your business’ future and determine how best to achieve it.

Here’s how we help.

We help you with your growth planning, establishing a growth plan that

  • Guides your growth
  • Supports your business strategy
  • Ensures that you meet key targets and goals
  • Helps you manage business priorities
  • Drives efficiencies
  • Identifies opportunities
  • Allows you to benchmark your business results


Growth through: Identifying hidden business objectives that support your plan.

We recently published a blog about uncovering hidden revenue streams in your business. And, it proved to be a very popular piece. Our readers loved it – and continue to love it. And that, in itself is telling of the need to grow and eek as much opportunity and productivity and revenue out of common areas in the business which are often overlooked.

And sometimes growth is not about looking outside for funding, but rather looking internally at where hidden opportunities lie within your business and how, as a team, you can maximise on those.

Quite often, though, finding them is the tricky part. And very often, it’s about identifying the mediocre and unlocking it for productivity and profit. For many, they need help – and that’s when they call us.

Talk to us about:

  • reviewing your marketing aims & objectives
  • reviewing your operational infrastructure (suppliers, locations, market share etc)
  • reviewing your financial information (profits, losses, cashflow etc)
  • reviewing and re-defining your business objectives (targets)
  • reviewing or planning a successful exit plan (owner-managed businesses)


Growth through: Gearing up each of your internal functions

Not too dissimilar to the point above about uncovering hidden revenue, there is a lot of power that lies within each of your business functions. Have a team that works well together as a unit is critical to seeing success – but as importantly, having individual functions working like individual business units – all focussed on their own contribution to the business as a whole, minimising risk within their own workload, poised for productivity and improvement always, and agile enough to bend and change according to market (and business) demands.

You may need help gearing your teams up

  • to support your over-arching strategy
  • to align their plans with your strategy
  • to allocate resources effectively through KPIs, functional targets and employee performance.


Growth through: Minimising risk associated with Change (and growth)

With growth comes change. A lot of it. And with change comes risk. A lot of it. But unfortunately for many who are intently focussed on the excitement that exponential growth brings, they overlook, or under-estimate, how powerfully debilitating unmanaged risk can be – undermining every growth process and ambition written down on their business strategy.

A huge part of our remit as advisor of your growth is to help you identify, understand & manage any business risk associated with business growth when you use more resources, processes, controls and staff, and to ultimately transform them into opportunities.

Your risk management plans

  • help to ensure that your new ideas suit your strengths and your vision of where the business is going
  • help you to review the risks you face and develop contingency plans
  • help you make difficult decisions that often take you out of your comfort zone


Growth through: Putting necessary processes in place to support expansion

Sometimes we’re ready, strategically, for growth, but operationally, we’re still stuck in the past.  One doesn’t need an MBA to recognise when that happens – just look at the likes of the big retailers who have, over the course of the past year, met their demise because they were ill-equipped to innovate, react to customer buying trends, change up antiquated IT infrastructures that crippled their order processing and customer service.

And sometimes expansion means having to turn your business around for it to face the right direction for growth. This may mean that you need to focus on:

  • Effective credit management and get a tighter control of overdue debts
  • Efficient stock control and inventory management – critical parts of your business as you decide to grow
  • Planning ahead to anticipate your financing needs and arrange suitable funding

Some of the businesses we’ve helped to turnaround in the past were losing an astonishing amount of money which were turned around dramatically, simply by making a few simple, incremental changes that saw long-term sustainability and productivity.


Growth through: Gaining access to the right funding opportunities

CFPro Ventures started because of our experience as both business owners and leaders, and professionals who understood and have worked within, the investment community – for many years. We speak both languages – but more importantly, we understand what growth means, and what success looks like when you do it right. Suffice to say, we securely bridge the gap between high-growth businesses who have made it through the Seed and Startup phases, have developed a solid revenue stream, are being recognised in the market for all the right reasons, and the investment community that can provide the injection of capital required to enable that business to expand.

But we don’t just leave it all up to you. We do something that not many other advisors do. We help you plan, we help you through the funding process, and we walk with you after the funding process, to help you stay compliant and delivering to your key stakeholders and investors – keeping your growth plan at the heart of what you do – and helping you plan for the next step.

You may require more staff, new facilities, new infrastructure, you may require stronger marketing activity or you may want to move into a market that you’ve never been in before, or you may want to expand your product-base through additional raw material or sub-products – whatever it is, when it’s investment that you need to set you on your way towards growth, make sure you do it the right way.


Growth through: Tapping into specialist expertise

For many businesses, finding the talent / skill that they need to solve a very specific problem, ends up being the bulk of the problem itself.  For others, sometimes they simply cannot afford to appoint a full-time expert onto the team until they know what the results of their growth planning brings. Whatever the case, there is always an alternative. Truly being able to grow means that you have the ability to tap into specialist expertise that you may never have had the chance to access before.

You may require business expertise that understands your market, expertise that has extensive experience in a particular area where you feel ill-equipped, expertise that is able to, almost immediately, become involved with your business and guide you to where you need to be – whatever it is, without it, you are at a dead-end.

That’s where we’re incredibly proud of our partner network made up of individuals and businesses who are geared towards growth – and delivering that exponential growth for your business.


Growth through: Turning un-productivity into productivity

We won’t blame you if you never associated business distress with growth.

But if you think on that for a second, for those who have successfully made a business u-turn – they’ve certainly seen growth. Any movement away from the red, is a success. The challenge is to stop the activity that is costing you money, and focus on activities that will make you money – and turn your business, your team, your management team, into an agile, productive, happy organisation that lives and breathes growth – without having to try too hard!

Business turnaround is inundating our news headlines at the moment as businesses all over the world seek help in finding ways to step away from the edge and return their organisations towards growth. For many of the customers we’ve helped in the past, very often, that first step is to uncover the un-productive, assess what needs to be done to get them working as they should, and shifting that business (and the mindset of all in it) towards productivity.

If you’re ready to power up your growth plans, then we’d love to work with you. Let us bridge that gap towards exponential growth, and work with you to see returns on your efforts. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can do that.