When Women Lead: Here’s how we #PressForProgress.

This week, on Thursday 8 March 2018, we celebrate International Women’s Day, but the message behind this initiative is anything but a 1 out of 365 headline.

As part of their #PressForProgress campaign, organisations all over the world are stepping up in their commitment to the pursuit of gender parity – the equal contribution of women and men to every dimension of life.  Where some businesses are committing to maintain a gender parity mindset, challenge stereotypes and bias, forge positive visibility of women within their organisations and teams, influence and challenge other’s beliefs and actions, or simply to celebrate women’s achievements in their own businesses, the drive for gender equality in the workplace continues to sit at the top of board room agendas, in all sectors, and in all industry.

So, to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day, we want to introduce you to Barbara Spurrier – our co-founder and director of the business, who has been driving and influencing change for over 30 years. 


About Barbara

CFPro Ventures: Barbara SpurrierBarbara is a qualified certified accountant (FCCA) with over 30 years finance experience in numerous sectors including Healthcare, Technology, Oil & Gas and FMCG.  More recently Barbara has successfully concluded 2 IPO’s, 2 RTOs and multiple fundraising on LSE/AIM.  She has also secured VC funding for growth businesses and completed several M&A transactions.

She is currently a main board director and part-time CFO of Concepta plc, an AIM listed Plc in the digital healthcare sector, and is Company Secretary for several other listed plc’s. Alongside her fund raising and CFO experience Barbara’s expertise includes strategic planning, financial and cash management, system implementation and preparation for IPO or other transaction.

She also is the founder director of two consultancy companies, offering pre and post IPO statutory financial reporting, preparation and support for a fundraising transaction, outsourced management and statutory accounts preparation and corporate systems implementation.

How are you pressing for progress in your business? Is it time that you had the right support behind you to drive business growth?  Talk to us.





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