We understand that as an entrepreneur, you want to grow. After all, nobody started a business to just stand still. Sure, different entrepreneurs may have different rates of growth in mind, but most new businesses are looking for ways to develop. And when it’s exponential growth that they’re looking for, well, that’s where we get involved.

For many, traditional fund-raising activities no longer suffice, or don’t suit their business. And they start to explore alternative funding options available – one being the route of corporate venturing, where larger organisations directly invest their corporate funds into external start-up companies. Corporate Venture funding gives many innovative businesses immediate opportunity to move into new markets, obtain the support and backing of an already-established brand, experienced leadership that can help them to establish their rightful place in their market, and so much more. And yet, for many, the idea of Corporate Venturing overwhelms more than it excites. But it doesn’t have to. All you need is the right guidance.


Lack of a clear status and role for the start-up within the larger company

You might like the idea of having the backing of a larger, more established entity, but understanding how you fit into the bigger picture may be leaving you confused. How do you fit into the larger structure? What will that picture look like in a few years’ time? What will your role be as part of a bigger group, and more so, what will be expected of you in this new structure? For many corporate investors, they don’t require any additional involvement from you, while others intend to use you as their new foundational reach into a new market for them.

Because we’ve worked on both sides of the fence, and speak the language of both the investor and the entrepreneur, we are able to help you fine-tune and understand exactly what your new role in this corporate venture would look like. We help to develop you as a business within that new role, and help you to build your own growth strategy according to the expectations placed upon you as an entrepreneur, by your investors. You may require us to step in and work alongside you, or you may require us to support you through the fund-raising cycle when things get complicated, or, you may need us to work with you after the funding has been received, to ensure that you are operationally sound and continue to deliver what you need to, to all the stakeholders involved.


When you need an incubator to get you ready

We realise that for many entrepreneurs, the thought of hitting the “big league” is sometimes reason enough to delay progress – purely because they either don’t feel ready, or they don’t have the confidence they need to play with the larger players. And if it’s a well-known, established brand that is buying into your business idea, then that can sometimes be a daunting place to be. But it needn’t be. Our incubator means that we work with innovative businesses and get them ready for the expectations and development required by your investors. We help you to get your house in order, get you compliant, and get you focussed on the right things in order for you to deliver returns on the investment you receive. Having worked within the corporate world ourselves, it means that we know what your investors will expect and the best ways to keep them engaged.


If the Corporate Venture funding route is a path that you’re considering, and you’re looking for the right support to help you throughout your journey, then it’s time to talk to us.