It’s no secret. Innovation today is a key driver of organic growth for all companies. While Deloitte speaks about the desire for innovation being the sole purpose of many M&A deals, PwC confirms this in their global innovation survey. In fact, they go as far to say that, “CEOs are now taking personal responsibility for directing and inspiring innovation as it becomes an ever more vital element of business survival and success.”  All great news. Except for one thing. What happens if you know you need to harness innovation, but you have no idea where to start?

For traditional organisations who are desperate to make a change and embrace the digital disruption in which they find themselves, they have most likely been used to structured organic or acquisitive growth throughout their lifecycle. These industry stalwarts and global giants are on the crest of a wave, ready to flood their market, eating more and more market share as they go along. Except for one thing: the lack of extraction of internal creative and entrepreneurial talent that they know they have within their organisations, but struggle to harvest and unleash.  And try as much as they might, many of these organisations are simply not best placed to identify new opportunities and, more importantly, take complete advantage of them for the sake of their business, and industry.

But there’s a new kid in town.

Companies might once have been satisfied with incremental product improvements. Now, they’re increasingly looking for breakthrough developments in their business models and the solutions they provide for customers. The step-by-step is being replaced by leaps-and-bounds and you, as the leader of your organisation, are being looked to by your team to deliver the next innovation angle to project your business forward.

So, how’re you getting on?

The problem that PwC observed in their global survey is that while the eyes of the CEO are fixed on innovation, the body of the organisation may not be following. The ‘antibodies’ that inhibit innovation include a culture that sees it as separate from the mainstream operations of the business and is slow to commercialise new ideas. Whether this is due to not having the right team, or whether it’s simply a case of not knowing how to ignite the innovation spark that you know exists in your workforce – you’re under pressure to make it happen.

Here’s how we help.

Our team has worked with business owners, founders and leadership teams from here to (close to) Timbuktu and helped them uncover business innovation resources – in whatever shape and way they present themselves. Whether business leaders required outside innovation through a collaboration with talent producing products and services that compliment their core business, or whether business leaders required an external, unbiased leadership mind to engage with them, assess and analyse their own workforce, the challenges they’re faced with, areas for improvement and business strategy planning, all with a single purpose to ignite innovation from the inside-out, we’ve done it all.

We’re a team of innovators and problem-solvers. We speak your language and deliver what you need. We’re leaders and forerunners but we have intrinsic knowledge and experience of the complexities of the operational underworld – making us perfectly suited to hear what you need, and deliver what you expect, and more.


It’s time to explode innovation within your business – and you’ve come to the right place to find the help you need to do that.


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